We do the whole job...
We do the whole job...
Spafford & Sons of Williston VT Inc.
Spafford & Sons of Williston VT Inc.

Drilling Services

Our highly experienced crews drill year- round using the most advanced drilling machines and only premium US or Canadian steel casing to provide the best water well possible.  If you need a new well or have an existing well that needs to be drilled deeper, we drill residential, commercial municipal and agricultural wells.  

Zone Hydro-fracking:  

This is the process of forcing water, under very high pressure, into the bore hole of a well to improve water flow and production.  Forty foot sections of the bore hole are isolated with packers and as much as 3000 psi of water is forced into the hole to open up existing fractures that may have been blocked or non-productive.  Our success rate is better than 99% at increasing the flow to meet average household demands. Flow increases of 300-500% are not uncommon. 

Geothermal Well Drilling:  

Geothermal systems transfer heat between the earth and your home.  A heat pump can be used to heat or cool your home depending on your need.  Heat pumps use electricity to move heat, not to produce it.  We, at Spaffords, work with many partners in complete installation of geo-thermal systems. For more information on geo-thermal, please see the links on our home page.

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